Welcome to my blog!

Whether you just happened to stumble across it by accident or whether it’s 2am and you’re tirelessly scrolling through website after website with a heavy heart, trying to piece together any useful bits of information and advice you can find. I hope you find what you are looking for.

My wife and I decided we would document our journey to motherhood after we found it extremely difficult to find any support or guidance for starting a family.

Our doctor’s advice was to look online – advice online told us to speak to our GP.

We had no idea where to start.

This is where this blog comes in – whether you are wanting to support a friend, colleague or a family member, whether you’re at the beginning of your own journey and need some guidance, after an insight into same sex parenting or just interested in pregnancy in general. Whoever you are, whatever your background – we hope this blog helps.

I’d describe this blog as a mixture of personal and professional – I’m conscious that I don’t want to create a blog that comes across as narcissistic but given that it’s something that is close to my heart I feel that a few personal insights won’t harm anybody!

Initially we began our journey via a Reproductive Clinic in Leeds but decided to go it alone. There is a bit of information in this blog about the clinic but predominantly I’ll talk about home artificial insemination.

** Disclaimer **

My wife and I are by no means medical experts, we are just two ordinary women that have successfully created a baby and by doing so we’d like to share our knowledge on the subject. We can’t guarantee that it will work for you – and we take no responsibility or credit for anything that happens along your own journey. Anything we document on here that we have taken from another source we will credit where possible but if you would prefer to remove it please get in touch.

We are happy for you to share our blog for personal use but do not give our permission to use it for financial gain.


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