The ‘Kit’

OK – so you need to make sure that you purchase the following items, you can buy these separately from eBay or Amazon for relatively cheap but always check reviews first! Some companies offer the full kit – our donor actually had a bag full that he had already prepared so we purchased the whole lot for £20.00.

A needless syringe with extender/catheter – The syringe should be around 4” or longer and it’s important you purchase a decent catheter so that it hasn’t got sharp edges. The catheter makes placing the sperm closer to the cervix a lot easier and less messy.

A head torch is vital – yes you’ll look absolutely ridiculous wearing it – and if you have a hair style like mine you will most definitely look like Wolverine. This is so you can see what you’re actually doing whilst keeping both hands free!

A clear speculum – Please do not buy a cheap speculum – if anything spend a little bit more to ensure you get a good quality one that has smooth edges. Make sure to read the reviews if purchasing off Amazon as well. The speculums come in a variety of sizes so make sure to find one that you/your partner finds comfortable.

A sterile pot – Any pot will do providing it is sterile. (Your donor may prefer to ejaculate into a soft cup (menstrual cup/Diva Cup) you can use the soft cup method instead of the syringe and catheter method if you want – I’ll talk about this in another blog but we used the syringe method.)

Towels/pillows – To prop your partner/yourself up – you need to have you hips elevated during the insemination and once the insemination is done you’ll need to keep your legs in the air for a good 30 minutes so it’s important you have plenty of comfort so that you can stay in the same position!

Privacy/intimacy – You need to make sure that wherever you choose to do the insemination there is a separate room for your donor to do his business in private. It’s important that once the donor has provided you with the sample he leaves you and your partner alone to continue the insemination. Try and make the room as romantic as possible – low lighting, candles..whatever relaxes you both – after all it’s the most intimate and romantic thing you’re about to do – make a baby!







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