Timing is Key

I can’t stress how important getting the timing right is!

Out of all or our attempts we only had the timing spot on for the final and successful attempt. There was always something that went wrong for the previous attempts..like the time we used the wrong ovulation strips and it was telling us that Mickie was ovulating.. 5 days in a row.. then I tested it under the tap and our tap water was ovulating apparently!

Women can only get pregnant on the day of ovulation, or the five days immediately prior.

Regardless of the length or consistency of a woman’s cycle, there are only as many as six days during each on which intercourse or insemination can result in conception.
These days are known as the fertile window.

There is no point in inseminating out of this window as there will be no egg ready to fertilise.

This is why it is so important to track your ovulation whether you’re single or in a straight or same sex couple. If you’re struggling  to conceive don’t just wing it.. invest in a ovulation monitor we used Clear Blue Dual Ovulation Monitor as we found the cheaper strips weren’t very reliable.

It feels like it takes longer because you’re not just continuously trying. You can only do it once a month but honestly the chances of getting pregnant without getting the timing right is much slimmer.


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